Happy Birthday to Me

I turn 43 today. So, there’s that.

As you (the nonexistent “you”) probably noticed, I did no research the past two days. I lost them to combination of chores around the house, teaching-related obligations, and general laziness. Today will probably not contain any research either, since I have obligations that take priority: namely, applying for Dissertation Funding from the History Department.

This is something I’ve been procrastinating from big time (and this blog post is part of the procrastination). But I need to do it because we just realized it’s going to cost a lot more to move to and live in New Orleans than we’d really acknowledged.The task has several sub-components including a) organizing, inventorying, and turning in my receipts from my fall trip to Debbie Macy; b) asking Emmanuel Kreike about the moving expenses; c) putting together a budget and submitting it; and d), a related chore, filling out my In Absentia form and getting Sean and Molly Greene to sign it.

If I have any extra time today, I’m going to email a bunch of people (faculty mentors, for the most part) to set up lunch or coffee dates for the next couple weeks. And if I have an hour left over after that, I’m going to try to write a brief review of the Kukla book (I also plan mini-reviews of the John Craig Hammond and Thomas Ingersoll books, in the next few days.)

Then at 4:45 it’s off to softball for the first game of the season, and enjoying my birthday. But first I must suffer! It’s the Protestant way.


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