A Gig: HIS377

This is a paying gig, and sorely needed. This past spring, I precepted two sections for Rebecca Rix’s History 377: The Gilded Age and Progressive Era; now I am helping Rebecca develop multimedia content to enhance the course. This is a natural gig for me both because of some of the things I developed for my own students during the course of the semester, and because of my past experience developing online courses at Skidmore. The Graduate School allows me to work up to 20 hours a week while collecting my stipend; and, until Lisa gets a job, I’m going to try and use a fair number of those hours, since we need the bread.

A distraction from dissertation research, to be sure; but not a totally pointless one. I am really enjoying the project (I’ve logged about 18 hours thus far) because of how it makes me think about eventually preparing my own lectures–not to mention the fact that I’ll be able to recycle a lot of the actual materials I’m creating if I ever teach this period on my own.


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