Back in Business

Well, since the last post in this blog, on June 11th, just about ten weeks have passed in total silence (silence as far as Crescent City Confidential is concerned, not silence in general). During this span, I have done a number of things–most importantly as far as this blog is concerned, I have relocated to the eponymous Crescent City itself.

Yes, I write this from the dining table–I don’t yet have a proper desk–of my new house at 4612 Camp Street, New Orleans, Louisiana. The kids have both just been dropped off for the first day of their first full week of school (last week there were orientations, picnics, and school days on Thursday and Friday).

In the next post I’ll give a more detailed chronology of my various travels and tribulations this summer. For the moment suffice it to say that I have done all too little, in the last ten weeks, in the way of dissertation-related work, let alone actual research. While the work has never been far from my mind, other things, like moving my family and my worldly possessions to New Orleans, and the financial pressures of that undertaking, have demanded much more of my immediate attention.

So this post marks my return to full-time work relating to my dissertation. I would like to finish researching and writing this project over the next sixteen months, while living here in the city it’s about. I think with organization and focus, and no unexpected detours, this should be possible. So here goes.


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