What’s Next

Well, I may as well admit it: the things I need to do were outlined pretty well in this post back in early June, and most of them still remain to be done after the Summer of Hassles. As frustrating as this is, the transcriptions of Livingston notes are still the number one most pressing chore; I got some done over the summer, but plenty still remains. Tweaking the database, especially the category tags, should also happen as part of this process, as should actually reading over the database once it is all in chronological, not alphabetical order. After that, there will be the following series of projects:

  • Writing short Livingston-related pieces and paragraphs
  • Writing a finished piece on Americans in territorial New Orleans, as per my HNOC symposium gig
  • Writing a finished dissertation chapter (“Dreams”) on the aspirations of Americans coming to New Orleans
  • Compiling census data for my period into spreadsheet form
  • Compiling court case data for my period into spreadsheet form
  • Creating a “master” database in which smaller databases of notes can coexist — Livingston notes, plus Claiborne Letter Books, Gallatin papers, and more, plus what I eventually read in the CDV archive here, notarial stuff, etc
  • Secondary reading, and mini-reviews for this blog

None of this even gets me into actual archival research here in the Crescent City, which is actually the reason I’m here. After a week of catching up, and getting into a work routine, I’ll be ready to figure out a schedule for new research alongside all the other projects simmering on various burners.


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