Day Log 8-25-09

My first real work day after the two month interruption of moving to New Orleans.

  • Wrote the preceding blog entries (and read the last batch of entries I wrote back in June).
  • Transcribed Livingston notes for about 2.5 hours. There are now 1100 database entries and I estimate that about 40 more hours of work remain on this task.
  • Read a little of Emily Clark’s Masterless Mistresses.
  • Read Thomas Paine’s To The French Inhabitants of Louisiana–an 1804 letter in which Paine rather rudely castigates the Louisianians for their presumption in demanding their rights as US citizens under the Louisiana Purchase treaty, and also for demanding the continuation of the slave trade. I had just read a long response to Paine’s piece in my Livingston notes; it makes for a fascinating back-and-forth.

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