Day Log 8-31-09

  • A Massive binge of Livingston database entry. Aiming to finish this whole task in the next week or two.
  • Had a Genovese kick over the weekend and today, reading and re-reading large parts of The Political Economy of Slavery and The World The Slaveholders Made. Also read a number of review essays and reviews, especially James D. Anderson’s great Journal of Negro History critique of Roll, Jordan, Roll. And for good measure, Herbert Gutman’s long assault on Time on the Cross, the snarkily-titled “The World Two Cliometricians Made.”
  • Should also mention that I finished most of the parts of Emily’s Clark’s Masterless Mistresses that I was most interested in over the weekend.
  • Corresponded with a couple colleagues re: a possible Omohundro panel next June … have to put together a paper proposal in the next few days.

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