Day Log 9-1-09

  • Another massive session of Livingston database entry. The database is up to about 1,370 entries now. Tomorrow I start on John B. Prevost.
  • Late last night I stayed up and discovered how to use Lexis Nexis Academic’s legal case search for Louisiana case material during my period. (Cue angelic music here.) Eureka! Why didn’t I know about this before? Read over dozens of cases, some in detail, some only skimmingly, and finally well after midnight got into the very long and very fascinating Gravier et al vs. Livingston et al, decided February 1819, which was sort of the legal climax of the Batture epic. Exciting stuff! Of course, just what I needed — another massive lode of primary source documents crucial to the subject of my dissertation, and one I can read without leaving my laptop…

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