Weekly Log, 9-4-09 to 9-15-09

Okay, that’s almost two weeks. During this span I became terribly remiss in my Crescent City Confidential duties, but I haven’t been idle as to dissertation-related work; far from it. Here’s a quick summary of what I’ve done lately:

  • As ever, continuing entry of Livingston notes in my database, which is now up to about 1700 entries, with about 30 pages of notes remaining to enter. Light at the end of the Livingston tunnel!
  • I’ve started going to Howard-Tilton library at Tulane, and as a 1st project, read through all the bound volumes of Louisiana History from 1960 to 1980 for articles related to the territorial and early statehood periods, and made a database of them, with notes and comments; highlights include Joe Tregle’s piece on Alexander Porter, Jr., and Grant Lyons on “Louisiana and the Livingston Criminal Codes.”
  • Read a little of William Davis’ book on the Laffite pirates, but I’ll have to invest a lot more time with this.
  • Read Wayne Bodle’s paper on Charles (and Mary) Wollstonecraft.
  • Read a bunch of sources online and off related to what in my mind I call “The Attackapas Murder Mystery of 1805”, which hopefully I will explain here in a post soon.
  • Finally, I finished the Omohundro panel application, including writing a brief blurb about the panel’s overall theme.
  • Also, I finally got my official Tulane visiting scholar status. Must get my public library card in the next few days, too.

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