Writing schedule/goals

I wonder how reasonable this is for this upcoming academic year…

  • Mornings, 5 days a week, devoted to dissertation writing
  • Afternoons devoted to other work including reading, attending academic events, sending and reading email, preparing conference proposals and writing other, non-dissertation things
  • Try to average 3 pages per day; plus a brief outline of what to write the following day
  • The academic year has 195 weekdays, of which I may lose 15-20 to various vacations, family affairs, music gigs; 5-10 to illness, whether mine or my kids’; and another 15-20 to a possible research trip to New Orleans halfway through the year; so I can count on 150 actual writing days, and hope to get 450 pages written
  • Other averages to bear in mind: I want to average 15 pages per full work week, or 11-12 pages per actual work week; and 50 pages per work month
  • Although some chapters will be harder than others, I should be able to draft one chapter each month, with fairly long chapters
  • None of the above include footnotes, which I do through Zotero and are not time consuming, and eat up words; I’m talking about one double spaced page of Times when I say a ‘page’.

Realistic? We shall see.


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