Pre-Writing Tasks

This is a list of things, either mundane or substantial, that I need to take care of before starting on my dissertation writing proper–hopefully, in the two weeks following our move-in in Princeton August 13th, or at least by the end of August.

  • Renew the sticker on my TigerCard
  • Take out the main library books that I need–above all the TPUS 9 and the CLB I-VI
  • Get a “meat locker”–ask Elizabeth Bennet how
  • Meet with Peter Silver, possibly Sean as well
  • Go through all my text notes, and handwritten notes, and import them into either Evernote or Filemaker
  • Go through my Filemaker database and print binders organized chronologically
  • Start doing a couple afternoons each week with the New Orleans newspapers on microfilm available at Firestone
  • Create a working outline–consult with my existing notes on this subject–along with a plan of what order to write chapters in
  • Install and set up Scrivener

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