Back in form, Oct 2011

Gee, eight months since my last post here. In this period I’ve gotten a journal article accepted, written encyclopedia entries, completed three-plus dissertation chapters, presented two conference papers, and am now teaching, doing job and postdoc applications, and getting ready to finish my last two chapters. In addition to actual writing I’ve developed the analytical side of my project considerably since February, reading a lot of secondary literature and sharpening my thinking and my arguments quite a bit. All that is not yet reflected in the actual prose top the degree it ought to be; and making that happen is one of the main goals for this final phase of the writing process that is coming up.

I do miss posting here and plan to get back to it. I think the daily posts on CCC made a good progress monitoring system. My work habits since Feb. have still been productive but more irregular and haphazard. Of course I’ve been balancing dissertation work with other writing projects and other academic activities–which is much more the shape of a typical academic career and what I have to look forward to continuing to do if land a job. So my main goal for the next eleven weeks (until the end of the calendar year) is to work on balancing steady dissertation writing with all the other activities and commitments in my life and career.

In the next couple days I will dedicate posts to the general state of the dissertation with regard to narrative shape and arguments, and maybe also add posts about related things like teaching and job applications.


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