The Finish Line

I defended my dissertation on Thursday, August 2nd, 2012, upstairs in Dickinson Hall on a lovely summer afternoon in the middle of lovely Princeton. It was a very enjoyable and stress free occasion — Dirk Hartog, Sean Wilentz, Mark Fernandez, and Peter Silver (present from Maine via Skype) were the committee, with Mark and I having flown up together from New Orleans the day before on a terrible blow-lunch storm-tossed flight, but a good night’s sleep cured all that. Even though it was midsummer and Princeton was in that lovely nothing-happening-here mode, a few friends including Dael Norwood, Jessica Lowe, Matt Ellis, and my parents were in attendance. Later that day we had a very low key cocktail party at Sean’s house. And then a couple days after that, I flew off to Marin County, California to join God Street Wine and jam with Bob Weir! I’m not going to pretend I don’t think that may be the coolest post-PhD wind down of all time. And yes, I am now a Doctor of Philosophy. Not the most useful kind of doctor, I will admit, but nevertheless.


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