I got fired …

… and then rehired for next year, but as an adjunct, making about 60% of my already low pay, with no benefits.

It’s too late to apply for any jobs elsewhere, and we don’t want to leave NOLA in any case.

So this basically sucks, but could be worse. The basic reason is the decline in Loyola’s undergrad enrollments, which is a particularly bad case of a general problem across the US. It’s also something that can hardly be blamed on me … but this is nothing if not an illustration of the fact that the people who mess up aren’t necessarily the people who pay the price.

I’m glad my wife has a good job, I’m glad NOLA is not that expensive a place to live, I’m glad my family will help us out if we are desperate. I’m glad there is still teaching work for me, and I still like Loyola on the whole, especially the students. Maybe less time in the fall spent on teaching will be more time spent on getting the book done.

But it still sucks.


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