Back in NYC

It’s so great to be back in New York. This time, back here as an adoptive New Orleanian. Which does feel different. The weather is great, the kids are psyched, we have a nice apartment just off Washington Square where I went to college for a couple years back in another lifetime.

New York always feels so great to me. It feels like home, right off the bat: this is the place I know, the culture I come from, the people I feel part of. In New Orleans I still feel like an outside observer a lot of the time — happy and honored and fascinated to be there, true, but still an outsider. And the other thing about NYC is the energized feeling. It makes me want to get up and go, walk faster down the street, do more, be smarter, think bigger thoughts. And I look around at all the creative people here and I know it’s having that effect on them too. What causes that, where does it come from? Culture, self fulfilling expectations, or something in the atmosphere? In any case, so cool.


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