Scottish independence? meh.

This is what I say to Scottish yes voters: the USA fought a nine year war to get away from British rule. India struggled constantly from 1857 to 1947. Ireland fought on and off for about FOUR CENTURIES. And you … you waltz up to the polls to have your little “referendum,” and we’re supposed to be impressed? Back in the day, we had to work for things.

I’m disappointed in the English, too. Time was, you guys cared enough to fight! Could it be you never really loved those Scots after all? I mean, when part of our Union seceded, we didn’t send politicians to make nice — we sent Grant and Sherman.

Not to mention — and this is the last point I’m going to make — there’s something unconscionably crass about seceding for the sake of a few shillings of North Sea oil revenue. For that you end a 307-year partnership? At least when the Confederacy seceded, it was for a principle. An unthinkably evil principle, and racist to boot, but still a principle!


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