The General Shape of Things

Originally this blog was created because, well, I wanted to finish my dissertation in a timely manner, stay on a productive work schedule, etc. It was a means of self-discipline, really, because for many people, the Ph. D. is something that just stretches on and on, and I started at an advanced age, it was my second career, and I just wanted to get on with it and git her done. And it worked: I got the Ph. D. done, and now it’s going to be published as a book, and I have, if not a real tenure track job, at least a job at a good college where I get to be called “Professor.”

But all along I also had the idea this blog could live on, it could have a different kind of life. About history, especially New Orleans history, maybe a way to hype the book, too. But also maybe a place to spout off about other stuff in my life: music, kids, politics, the weather, whatever.

So that’s the next phase. But don’t talk about it, right, just do it!


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